1 in 5 Indians affected with mental health illnesses
(source: Indian Psychiatry Society)

20% increase in patients with mental illness since coronavirus outbreak
(source: Indian Psychiatry Society)

Only through family and peer support is a positive change possible in mental health crisis
(World Health Organisation)

Mental health is a subject still struggling with stigma and misinformation in India.

Mental Health Care Kit solves the most fundamental barrier in being a care provider to someone in need of mental health assistance - 'How to talk about it?'

Through a series of specially designed 10 question flashcards you will know not just what to ask but also what essential steps you can take without being a trained medical professional.

These questions are provided in the form of downloadable cards and digital content.

We believe, everyone has the power to help someone in need if you can only care and ask.

How many questions did you ask?

What was your relationship with the one you used Mental Health Care kit for ?

Was it difficult to use the Mental Health care kit?

Will you recommend Mental Health Care kit to others ?

Which category of question did you get helpful responses on?

Do you think mental health awareness should be taken up more seriously by corporates?

This Mental Health Care kit is not a replacement for a professional Mental Health Assessment and cannot be considered as expert medical advice.

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